Playing Kandanga

Engaging playful interactive stories that draw you into our past, our present and our future….

Download and listen to stories on the way to Kandanga, play the games school kids and parents have played there for generations, and take a tour to hear about the larrikins of the area.

Playing Kandanga was developed by the Friends of Kandanga in partnership with Creative Recovery Network and game developer Christy Dena of Universe Creation 101 as a way of connecting locals – new and old - into the history, culture and people that have created the life and energy of this town.

Place is crucial to all Australians. It is fundamental to the human sense of self, sense of community, sense of mortality and sense of destiny. Many places hold interest due to their history, their location and their culture. When we travel to or live within these places, they become a living presence to us – an experience. We can hear, see, touch, smell and maybe even taste the things present in a place. We form memories; they develop a sense of place to us.

Kandanga community is wishing to highlight, support and sustain the sense of place that constitutes their home and community. So come out and play with them.

Playing Kandanga was supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland

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